With building materials,  Polypropylene and polyester strappingband sealing and resistance are essential.

In particular, our PP strapping type A – Against-Cutting Edge – and the PET are perfect for strapping tiles, bricks, concrete blocks and for all ceramic products.

For oversized and heavy products, the PET strapping guarantees with its rigidity that the package remains compact and avoids movement that could damage the product during transport.

Both the strapping PP that that PET can be used with automatic strapping machines, semi-automatic or manual with manual machines with heat sealing or with metal seals.

All our PP strappingbands from 9 mm to 15 mm can be customized by printing up to 3 colors.

There are many advantages :

  • Competitive differentiation for customers brand.
  • Mark goods with your own logo or a barcode to grant identification of the goods.
  • Avoid the costs of customizing the single box because of strapping personalization.
  • Increase security because the packaging can not be replaced during transports or prolonged storage.

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